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Station Details: Barrage Esch-Sauer / Sûre
Stations Details
Name Barrage Esch-Sauer
Watercourse Sûre
Basin [km²] 428.0 km²
Gauge Altitude m NN.
River Kilometre 97.57 km
Coordinates (LUREF) 62378 E | 108634 N
Answering Machine
Most Recent Measurements
Date 28.11.2022
Time 18:00 18:15 Difference
Water Level 315.55 m NN. 315.55 m NN. 0.00 m NN.

Water level of the dam [m NN]

  1. Maximum filling allowed in summer: 320 m NN
  2. Maximum filling allowed in winter: 317 m NN
Additional Station Data
Operating Since 01.07.2013
Operational Status Operating
Operator Administration de la gestion de l'eau
Additional Available Information
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Statistical Values
Discharge Water Level
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Historic Water Levels
Date Water Level Discharge
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Barrage Esch-Sauer / Sûre
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