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Station Details: Wasserbillig / Moselle
Stations Details
Name Wasserbillig
Watercourse Moselle
Basin [km²] 12044.0 km²
Gauge Altitude 128.25 m NN.
River Kilometre 205.92 km
Coordinates (LUREF) 104368 E | 86687 N
Answering Machine (+352) 26714273
Most Recent Measurements
Date 01.03.2024
Time 20:15 20:30 Difference
Water Level 255 cm 255 cm 0 cm

NOTE: Affected by dam (lock)!

The water levels are influenced by the upstream barrages (locks) on the Moselle and the inflow of the Sauer.
For technical reasons, a water level forecast is only possible above a water level of 220 cm and subject to uncertainties.

Additional Station Data
Operating Since 01.01.2007
Operational Status Operating
Operator Service de la navigation fluviale
Calculation of Predictions Landesamt für Umwelt Rheinland-Pfalz
Additional Available Information

Für offizielle Projekte die aktuellsten Daten bitte beim Service de la navigation (LU) anfordern - Pour les projets officiels les données les plus récentes peuvent être demandées auprès du Service de la navigation (LU)

Main Values
Discharge Water Level Date
MHQ 1230 m³/s 500 cm
Statistical Values
Discharge Water Level
HQ100 2550 m³/s 778 cm
HQ50 2250 m³/s 738 cm
HQ10 1670 m³/s 653 cm
HQ5 1500 m³/s 597 cm
Historic Water Levels
Date Water Level Discharge
09.01.2011 527 cm

Daten ohne Gewähr - données sous toutes réserves

Wasserbillig / Moselle
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